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Sustainability Assurance process is one of the key elements of sustainability reporting and ensures that the organization provides a transparent, accurate and reliable reporting information to the stakeholders.


The Assurance reviews and opinions will largely help companies to solidify their existing sustainability strategy and make course corrections as and when necessary.


Updapt’s extensive experience in researching and reviewing of over 10000+ public companies, with a strong experience in understanding of reporting patterns as placed us to be the first choice for any sustainability assurance projects.


We strictly adhere to the below assurance standards:


  • AA1000AS Assurance Standards

  • GRI Assurance Standards

Assurance Methodology:

Moderate Assurance

Moderate Assurance is provided with sufficient evidences satisfying the statement of no risk. Along with it a less extensive assurance approach is followed in terms of principles and specific information on performance.

  • Validation of basic evidences

  • Engage internal stakeholders to verify facts

  • Provide Audit feedback and publish assurance statement

High Assurance

High Assurance aims at achieving high assurance levels to provide client and stakeholders a high level of confidence in a companies disclosure. The evidence gathering is extensive and with emphasis on information reliability.

  • Validation of all the evidence

  • Engage with both internal and external stakeholders

  • Validate materiality performance

  • Check KPI calculation methodology

  • Provide detailed Audit feedback and publish Assurance statement