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As sustainability management is gaining importance day by day, the need for a Sustainability Manager or a CSR Officer is becoming a necessity.

Updapt CSR offers a unique service, through which organizations can completely outsource their CSR activities which an in-house CSR Manager usually handles. This will enable companies to become lean and less worried about managing various CSR tasks within the organization. All these services are affordable than hiring a full time CSR Manager.

The tasks handled by a CSR Manager are as follows but not limited to below items:


  • Developing a sound sustainability strategy

  • Design Employee health and safety policy

  • Develop and create awareness on Diversity and inclusion policy

  • Involve in developing strategies for sustainable products


  • Constant evaluation and monitoring the current CSR process.

  • Liaise with all the streams of the organization to understand the issues and convert them into sustainability goals and Key performance indicators.

  • Continuous tracking, recording and monitoring of ESG data in the company

  • Develop a comprehensive supplier Environmental and social evaluation

  • Engage with communities and lead initiatives supporting them

  • Develop and monitor Employee engagement programs

  • Constant evaluation and monitoring the current process

  • Initiate and publish Corporate social responsibility report