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GRI Reporting

Today, 93% of the world’s largest companies by revenue report information on their ESG, of which three quarters use the GRI framework.


Organizing your sustainability report generation process in line with GRI guidelines puts you in the positive space of sustainability world and showcases your commitment and CSR performance rightfully.


We in Updapt have specific experts who are proficient in aligning a company's CSR performance data and activities with GRI framework and assist you in gathering and reporting these frameworks in your CSR report transparently and consistently.


Our teams experience includes analysing performances of over 4000+ public listed companies which report on GRI framework. This expertise puts us in a sweet spot of comparing you with peers and analysing the gaps to develop a CSR report which is competitive and up to date with current market requirements.

CDP Reporting

CDP is a global disclosure system developed to assist companies to measure and report their Climate related issues and risk which is in turn used by investors and other related parties to make informed decision.


Accurately identifying GHG footprints impact on various areas of organisation such as Products, Board involvement, Impact on Financials and business strategy is crucial for framing responses for CDP, and this would enhance company's brand and commitment to environment and this is where our expertise comes in to play.


Our practitioners and technology will assist you to gather the relevant KPIs and design a response which is crisp and clear, portrays your commitment and performance relating to sustainability. Thereby we make the whole CDP disclosure process a seamless and affordable activity.

SASB Reporting

SASB’s aim is to assist companies to track, manage and report on sustainability performance which have a impact on materiality issues specific to around 70 industry types which helps companies to compare performance with peers in the same industry.


Our internal team's experience, knowledge, and  SASB specific guidelines can be customised to any given organization and industry. We have gone an extra mile in creating specific SASB based industry methods which can be easily incorporated into your company’s CSR strategy and materiality assessment.

With our thorough understanding of all the different ESG standards which are prevalent in the sustainability domain and years of experience in analysing CSR reports based on these standards, makes us the best ESG partner to seek advice on developing and aligning your sustainability report with the relevant ESG standards.


Our Expert sustainability practitioners have been periodically involved in reviewing and suggesting amendments to the current international guidelines such as SASB which shows the faith and trust on our ESG knowledge by such organization.


We provide ad hoc Sustainability reporting services on various ESG standards, below are the major reporting standards: